Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Week 1

haha, it is actually week 9 - but I just got my computer back and needed to update my blog.  I have a very sweet class this year, there are just so many of them.  I am having  a hard time getting everything done in a day.  Thankfully, I have some really great moms that come in and help me. 

*I am not sure where I got the projects exactly, but will look them up at school.  I just need to update before it is December, giggle.

Ok, my desk hasn't looked this good since the first week of school.  It is a disaster at the moment.
The file thingy, on the corner of my desk, to keep me organized.
Four milk crates, zip tied together that hold their daily binders, poetry journals and their new book bags (I just finished).  I love these crates.  I bought 16 of them and it was worth every penny.

Our "No, David" pictures.  Some of them are a little more interesting than others.  I love this clothesline that I have hanging in my classroom.  It really showcases their work nicely.  The problem is - this project hung down a little too far and I kept hitting them, since I am so tall. 

Our writing wall - The First Day of First Grade.  I have taken these off and put them in binders for a class book.  At the end of the year, I will give each student their individual papers.

Chicka, Chicka wall.  I always do this the first day of school.  It really shows me cutting skills, coloring, following directions and if they know their name.  I will post more tomorrow

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  1. Love how organized your room is!! I really need to get a file drawer or something to organize what I do daily. Right now I keep everyting in my copy bucket and under piles, not the best way to go;)

    Surfin' Through Second