Saturday, December 15, 2012

It's Snowing

Ok, well not really - but we did make some snowmen in my classroom this week.  I was trying to calm the Santa overload down with the kiddos.

All the parts are copied on white construction paper and the kiddos color the parts.  These guys are probably about 18 inches tall.

We talked about how to make a snowman, lots of oral language going on.

I love how one of the little guys got a little smooshed.

We did an ABC activity.

Our finished bulletin board in the hallway, adorable.  My January bulletin board is all ready to go.

We did a sequencing activity.

We did a writing organizer - writing down the steps for the perfect snowman making.  We, also, made a cute little reader, "How to Build a Snowman".

You can find everything you need here in my TpT store, I hope you like it. 


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