Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Training Day #3

Well, I survived Day #3 of training, woo hoo.  Only, 2 more days.   I love to go to conferences, I always learn new things.  These days have been long, almost painful.  The days have consisted of a lot of research reading and not a lot of actual classroom practice.  But,  this is what I have learned...

I don't enjoy reading research articles for hours at a time.

If you sit in the back of the room, you can plan lessons, while everyone else is reading the research articles.

I do enjoy looking at other teachers' classrooms and seeing what works.

I don't like clap, clap, clap - to get my attention.  I probably won't be doing that with my babes anymore.

If, I am not engaged - then I am bored.  I'm sure my little ones feel the same way.  So, I will be doing less talking and more interacting with them.

I love spending lunch with my co-workers - talking.  We don't get to do much of that during the school day.

If the speaker gets really boring I can pretend that I am here (see below)

The last thing that I learned is - don't forget to bring lots of Starbucks and snacks.

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  1. Your post made me laugh:). Sometimes classes can be a little challenging.
    What are you studying?
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