Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Monday make it

I didn't get much made this week because hubby has been driving me around the island. I was able to see things that I have never seen before. Some of the places we went - he had never seen either. He was born here, so it was nice to experience it together

Today, a friend is taking me to Mauna Kea. He has a truck, so we should be able to go farther up the road. I am hoping to find some silversword plants. They are so beautiful - it would make my trip to find one with flowers, which is really rare.

Here are my goodies for the week. A quilt top, almost done. It took forever. I swear the squares were multiplying on the table.

I finished up 3 picture frames for my Student of the Month, Terrific Kid and an extra one for a class award. This year I will have 30 kids and only be able to hand out 18 awards at the assembly - so I will be doing more in class awards for my babes. They are wood frames with mod-podge scrapbook paper, then added some local cut outs. I love them. I am going to add them to my calendar wall.
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  1. The quilt is beautiful! I love the frames, too!

  2. Wow, 30 kids! Puts things into perspective for me.
    The frames are really cute. I don't feel right about giving awards to only some kids in my class and not others. That is very nice of you to include the rest of your kiddos.

  3. Beautiful quilt! I love those frames, too. That's a cool idea -- maybe I'll do that!

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  4. I found your blog on the hop! I am thrilled to be a new follower.
    Happy Teaching,
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  5. the frames came out so cute =) im your newest follower...drop by

    Just Wild About Teaching