Tuesday, July 30, 2013


I took the day off on Friday and we flew into Colorado to meet this beauty.

My great niece, she is adorable.  She has the biggest eyes I have ever seen.  I was so in love with her - She can melt your heart.  She just lives too far away.  I want to go back and see her in August. You would think since I have 3 new grand babies, that I wouldn't need a baby fix - but I do from her.  

I think I need to get some bows made for her.  She has a lot of hair on the bottom of her head - the old man cut, giggle.

We spent the weekend at my brother's house along with my mom, dad and sister (the baby's grandma).  The girls did some damage at the dollar store, I can't show a picture because my parents had to bring it back in their van - I just took a carry on.  My brother has hummingbirds that visit his house.  This one was beautiful with his red throat.  I was lucky enough to get a few pictures of them in flight.

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  1. Your grand niece is a beauty!
    I like that feeder, too. We've got the same little guys at our house.

  2. Oh My!! She is too cute!! Thanks for sharing
    Curious Firsties