Monday, July 22, 2013

Monday Make-It....Finally

I am linking up with Tara for my first summer Monday Make-It. 

I went back to school two weeks ago, so I haven't had much time to be extra creative - yet.  But, the mind is spinning.  I finished my behavior chart, made two of them.  One for myself and one for my kinder partner.

Super notes to pass out at the end of the day, when they stay on green.  

I have so many books, cards, kids' small book and activities everyday to do with my TK kiddos - that I put them in file folders in this basket.  It looked so sad sitting on my desk that I brought it home to add some ribbon.  I needed some cute. 

I am trying to find a center system that will work with my 4 year olds.  A few teachers in our district use the rubber bracelets or yarn necklaces for center control.  I decided to make ribbon leis.  I have them almost finished, 8 different colors.  I hope to get the board completed tonight.

I made these for 6 years for my son's high school football and golf team (even after he graduated).  They take about 20 minutes per each one, but very relaxing to make.

Well, go check out everyone's creativity this week.  I am heading to check out the blogs and make my list.

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  1. I love the ribbon leis! How do you make them?

    - Pam
    Moments to Teach

  2. How fun to have a Super Hero classroom! Love the leis :)
    Corinna (✿◠‿◠)
    Surfin' Through Second

  3. I LOVE those leis!!!! Hopefully you'll find time to give us a quick tutorial in your "free" time. ;)